Offshore Software Development


We specialise in outsourcing software development. If you are looking to extend your team – temporarily or permanently - we know that partnering with us will add value to your project. The way our business is set up allows you to:

  • extend your team without having to train new staff, create workspace and make permanent appointments
  • access untapped qualified IT talent
  • partner with us to complete the tasks you can’t or don’t want to do
  • have extra support at hand when time is short
  • rely on affordable labour where your staff is over-qualified
  • benefit from increased flexibility and less red tape
  • personally contact your Pakistan based team by email, phone or video call 
    (nearshore-like time difference of only +3h in summer!)
  • invest safely in Pakistan‘s social and environmental sustainability
  • benefit from the diversity of a cross-cultural team

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Collaboration with us

We offer software development for short- or longterm collaboration with focus on Mobile (Android, iOS) and Web. Our local IT talents work according to your requirements and are supported by our on-site Swiss managers to ensure the highest quality in the completion of the project.

More details are available on our product pages:

Get Started!

  1. Tell us what kind of team you need. You send us a list of the required skills.
  2. Select the right staff. We do the recruiting and short-list local talents according to your skill profile. You decide which one we should engage.
  3. Team starts. The team starts with the work you assign - we do the coordination and start-up help.

For whom?

We address our services notably at SMEs and start-ups in mobile and web development. Thanks to Swiss managers on site who are responsible for the selection and coordination of local talents the partnership is straightforward. We are qualified in using: 

[If you are in need for a technology not listed here, please send us a note.]


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