About us

Xtendum offers software development across a wide range of industries with focus on web and mobile development in high quality.

By working offshore from Pakistan we offer access to a rapidly growing job market with highly talented professionals. To ensure quality, our Swiss managers are permanently onsite. Our head office is in Switzerland and our production facilities are based in Islamabad, Pakistan. This allows our clients to enjoy the levels of customer service they are used to.

We believe in partnership. It takes both your direction and our services to reach the highest levels of efficency, quality and profitability. In the same way we partner with Pakistani talent; training programmes, coaching and frequent assessment ensure that everyone involved mutually benefits.

We believe in social and environmental sustainability. By hiring some of the most talented Pakistani professionals and offering working conditions comparable to Europe, we are taking a stand against the brain-drain that is detrimental to the local economy. In a country where environmental protection is still in its initial stages, we set an example in this area through our business practices.


To ensure quality our Swiss Managing Directors remain permanently on-site:

Software Development
Ch. Herter

Managing Director


Pakistan Office

xtendum services (pvt.) Limited