How do we work?

  1. We believe it makes a difference that we have face-to-face communication on a daily basis with our developers. Therefore some of our Western staff remains permanently on-site and is responsible for recruiting the right talents and coordination with our European clients. On top we ensure short ways of communication between offshore office and clients through video & phone calls, chat and other collaboration tools. This allows our clients to enjoy the levels of customer service they are used to.
  2. We believe in partnership. It takes both your direction and our services to reach the highest levels of efficency, quality and profitability. In the same way we partner with our Pakistani talents; training programmes, coaching and frequent assessment ensure that everyone involved mutually benefits.
  3. We believe in social and environmental sustainability. By hiring some of the most talented Pakistani professionals and offering working conditions comparable to Europe, we are taking a stand against the brain-drain that is detrimental to the local economy. In a country where environmental protection is still in its initial stages, we set an example in this area through our business practices.

We mainly work together with small and medium-sized companies and engage in short- or long-term partnerships with our clients.

We either work for clients with a project-based approach where we do all the project management and our clients have a single point of contact (SPOC). Or we hire local developers as a team extension and our clients can directly talk, chat and coordinate with his/her exclusive developer(s).

The head office of xtendum gmbh is based in Schwellbrunn AR, Switzerland, and acts as contracting partner for all our customers. The actual software developement is done by our partner company xtendum services pvt. ltd. based in Islamabad, Pakistan. Both companies are lead by our Swiss managing director. Both companies were founded in 2013 and operational since then.