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Some of our clients...

...we happily work together with on a long-term perspective. That means for some of the clients mentioned below we have done multiple projects over the past years and have hosting and service-level-agreements (SLAs). If you want to know more about the projects we did for them, do not hesitate to contact us.

Hilti (Schweiz) AG

Web App (Java Spring)

Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich (VBZ), Switzerland

Web Application (PHP)

Bandy Analytics GmbH, Switzerland

Web App (PHP Laravel, VueJS)

sofistiq International AG

Web App (PHP Laravel, VueJS)

Fiorino AG, Switzerland

Web Apps (PHP, Angular), Mobile App (React Native)

HomeFindsMe AG, Switzerland

Web App (Python, VueJS)

Inselspital Bern, Switzerland

Web App (Java Spring), iOS Mobile App (Swift)

InnoTix AG, Switzerland

Android Mobile App (Java)

MoMoney, Germany

iOS & Android mobile App (React Native)

Ocean-Pix.de - Ralf Kiefner & Andrea Ramalho Kiefner

WhaleGuide App (Android/iOS)

Gehri Bootsschule GmbH, Switzerland

Android & iOS Mobile Apps (Java, Swift)

Magister Technicus GmbH, Germany

Android & iOS Mobile App (React Native)


iOS & Android Mobile App (React Native)


Android Mobile Apps (Java)


Web App (NodeJS)

Zwitch, Switzerland

Android Mobile App (Java, JNI-C)

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